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Listen to Quran in Arabic (option 1)

Listen to Quran in Arabic with Urdu Translation (option 2)

Listen to Quran in Arabic with English Translation (option 3)

Listen to Quran in Arabic with Bangla Translation (option 4)

Listen to Favorites (store up to 5 favorites suras—option 5)

Hadith in English from Sahih Al-Bukhari, with references—coming soon

Phone Mufti—ask any question over the phone live! - coming soon

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Narrated Abu Huraira—Al-Bukhari 9.634

that he heard the Prophet saying,


"Allah does not listen to anything as He listens to the recitation of the Quran by a Prophet who recites it in attractive audible sweet sounding voice."

Quran 10 minutes a day

Listen to complete Quran over the phone, the system will remember where you stopped and will play back from the recent Ayat.


Any Sura

Listen to any Sura, just enter the Sura number for example - to play Al-Bakhara enter 002 to listen to Al-Ikhlaas enter 112..


Quran Translation

Listen to Quran with translation in Urdu, English, Bangla or any other language you like (feel free to let us know if you like to add a language)


My Favorites

Save your Sura’s in “my favorites” and play your favorite sura’s daily on your way to work


Daily Hadith

Increase your knowledge by learning one Hadith a day, all hadith’s from Al-Bukhari with references.


Phone Mufti

Talk to a mufti live on the phone and ask any question, use his guidance to make any decisions in life.